oneHug experience

Step 1/9

The installation is located in shopping areas. People see from far away an object that has the form and presentation of a tree.

Step 2/9

There is a pixelanimation in the abstract treetop, which changes between colour- and textanimation. The pedestrian is interested, wants to know, what kind of tree it is and comes closer.

Step 3/9

The LED-Display pulsates, text is shown and the visitor is asked to give a hug. The visitor maybe hesitates, but is attracted by the light animation.

Step 4/9

The visitor grins and is emotionally touched.

Step 5/9

The visitor is now standing on the lawn next to the tree and listens to birdsë twittering. The visitor comes closer to the tree and recognizes the reaction. He touches the tree and hears that the tree likes it.

Step 6/9

Now he is ready to hug the tree, sound and light lead into a dreamlike situation. A camera takes a picture of the couple.

Step 7/9

The visitor sees that the tree takes this experience in his mind, which is visualized by a projection in the treetop.

Step 8/9

The visitor is happy, gets positive feelings and leaves the situation with more energy.

Step 9/9

The visitor can see the memories of the tree online and informs hisself where "oneHug" actually is and which people have shared the same positive moment. The visitor reflects that even himself gave something to this tree, can give to trees in general and his environment.